What Makes the Perfect Reading Space?

I recently purchased a reading chair and I am trying to create the perfect reading space, but I need your help! What little touches should I add?

This is the chair and I absolutely love the way that it looks. I just don’t know how to make the area around it more aesthetic. I purchased a smart lamp that connects to my phone and I can change the colour and intensity. I absolutely love it and the entire vibe that it gives. I am thinking that I need a footrest of some kind and maybe some different pillows and blankets! An end table?

I have created a Pinterest board for inspiration, just because it is fun!

I also invested in a new bookshelf, but it won’t be here until July or August! This is really exciting for me since my current shelves are from my childhood and are not in great shape. I will have to build these myself, so that will be a journey. I will probably film myself putting this together and organizing my books and I will post it on BookTube!

So any tips you have would be amazing! I would love to hear about your reading space!

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24 thoughts on “What Makes the Perfect Reading Space?

      1. I go for fake plants too 😅 There are some that look really nice, and it just takes away a stress for me of always forgetting to water, and I still get the green and color.

  1. 100% add a footrest — that way you can be extra comfortable! I would also invest in a thick, plush blanket that you can really cuddle into!

  2. My bookshelves are also from my childhood! I really should invest in some new ones. I think an end table and a blanket would be great for your space! Somewhere to put a beverage, because mine is always in my lap and I’m afraid I’ll spill it!

    1. It can be so hard to ditch the old ones if you’re sentimental like me. 😅 My boyfriend hates my mismatched collection but they’ve all been with me through so much!

  3. definitely a footrest and a side table and you should be all set. I adore your new chair and pillow. So cozy!

  4. Hey, great chair! I personally feel the chair should be situated close to or facing the window, that invites you to ponder if the book is of such a kind… moreover, I love a fluffy carpet below my reading chair, it feels even more comfy that way! I agree with the above-mentioned end table, plus some scented candle on it….?

  5. I love your chair, and those bookshelves are great. I like a recliner best for me as I like to put my feet up.

  6. If you like cozy, you could also get one of those hanging canopies to post over the chair. You can tie it back for a luxurious look (think big posh bed with a canopy), or close it up around you for a secret little nook all your own when you really want to drink into a story.

    Here’s an example of what I’m talking about in case my description is confusing haha

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