Books I Was SO EXCITED to Get, but Still Haven’t Read 

This week’s TTT prompt is calling me out! I was almost afraid to look at my physical TBR in order to choose the books for this list, because I know there are a lot more than ten books that I was excited to read but still haven’t got to!

The Nature of Witches was a Christmas gift last year and I was so excited about it. I thought that I would get to it in that time between Christmas and the New Year, but here we are months later and I haven’t neglected it completely. I am thinking about saving it for this fall!

The Wolf Den is a book I have been coveting since it was published in the UK! I even ordered a copy from the UK and had it shipped to Canada since it wasn’t released here yet. Sadly, it is now available in Canada and I still haven’t read it, so what was the point!? The edition I have really is stunning though!

Sarah Winman wrote Tin Man, which is one of my favourite books of all time! I eagerly anticipated the release of Still Life and bought a copy as soon as it was published, yet it has found itself on this list. This is definitely a case of me saving a book I know I am going to love for the perfect time. I hate when I do that!

The Inheritance Games is super hyped on BookTube and it sounds like something I am going to love. I am telling myself that I am saving it to read closer to the release of the final book in August, but who am I kidding!?

I am so ashamed that Mythos has ended up on this list! I even have Heroes, Stephen Fry’s other book in the series. I also have them both on audio, so I truly have no excuse. I know that reading these along with the audio is going to be an amazing experience and, once again, I am saving them for when I feel like a slump is coming.

I tend to love Pride and Prejudice retellings and many people have told me that The Other Bennet Sister is one of the best! I love that Janice Hadlow has given Mary a voice. I can see myself reading this outside this summer in the mornings with an iced coffee, so I really hope that I get to it.

I know why I haven’t read Blonde! The size of it is intimidating to me, and there is no audiobook! I have always felt drawn to Marilyn Monroe and I am curious to see what Joyce Carol Oates does with her story, especially since this has been adapted.

I have had a signed copy of The Fountains of Silence since it came out in 2019. I finally read my first book from Ruta Septys this year, so my interest in this one has definitely piqued. I can see myself reading it sooner rather than later!

I have started A Curse So Dark and Lonely but got distracted by something else and never returned to it! I have been told that I should treat this book as a standalone, as the rest of the books in the series are disappointing, so knowing that I don’t have to commit to the entire series makes me excited to pick it up again.

I bought a signed copy of If You Want to Make God Laugh at the same time I bought The Fountains of Silence. I loved Bianca Marias’ first book, Hum If You Know the Words, so no excuses here! I have actually been told that this one is better.

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48 thoughts on “Books I Was SO EXCITED to Get, but Still Haven’t Read 

  1. I’ve only read The Inheritance Games books out of this list (but I have plenty of books I was excited about and still haven’t read haha, it’s basically my whole TBR shelf). And I did enjoy that series though there’s some parts I didn’t love. But ultimately, it’s a super fun series and I am very excited to read the final book to see how it all ties together! Hope you enjoy the books when you read them, I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

  2. Oof, I totally forgot about Mythos but that has also been on my TBR for ages and it was one that I was really excited to get (especially the audiobook cos I love Fry’s narration lol)! I hope you enjoy these books whenever you get to them 🙂

      1. The 2nd book was ok but there was a new main character I didn’t like so that sort of spoiled it for me and the last book was just ok. Her new one that’s due out June I really loved, Forging Silver into Stars. Set in the same world but with Tycho ❤️

  3. Great list! I could practically feel my physical tbr staring daggers at me as I made my list 🤣

  4. I bought A Curse So Dark and Lonely (what feels like) years ago and still haven’t read it. I’ve heard really good things about it though. I hope we both end up enjoying it when we get a chance to crack it open.

  5. I have Still LIfe on my TBR. What an amazing list of books, I hope you get a chance to get to these soon!

  6. Great list! I think the inheritance games is overhyped a lot and the movie knives out is better than the book (on which it is partially based) but i still hope you’ll enjoy it more than i did if you pick it up.

  7. Oh ny gosh, I am with you on Mythos! My bf bought it for me 2 months ago and it’s still just sat on my desk waiting to be read. Hope we both get to it soon 🙂

  8. Mythos is so great, especially as an audiobook! I listened to it last year, and loved it so much that I treated myself to a copy of the hardcover book too, which is lovely. I really liked Heroes too, and now need to get to Troy.

  9. I actually have 4 of these I want to read but I haven’t even bought yet. I’ll have to get them from the library

  10. The Nature of Witches isn’t a favorite of mine, but I definitely think that it will fit well into the Fall season. Seasons in general play big part. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

  11. The Inheritance Games is one I put off for so long, but I finally just recently read it. Now I wish I hadn’t put it off for so long. And yet I still haven’t picked up the second book. LOL! Hope you enjoy all of these when you get to them!

  12. I’ve read A Curse So Dark and Lonely years ago, the series good read. 💕 I’m looking forward to the Mythos, though. You have an awesome list there. I hope you get the chance to read them all. 💕🙌

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