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I am definitely a seasonal TBR person, but, for some reason, I do not find that this is not true for spring. In the fall, all I want to read are witchy, atmospheric, spooky novels and in the summer I want light romances, and even in the winter my reading changes and I am more open to longer reads and more fantasy. I cannot say that I have ever noticed a pattern in my spring reading! That is mainly because I live in Northern Ontario and we don’t have much of a spring here. It is not unheard of for us to have snow in May, so I just never get into that spring mood!

I would love to know if you are a seasonal reader and/or what a spring book means to you?

For all these reasons, there is no theme to my spring reading- these are simply books that are calling out to me!

The Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist was announced recently and it was quite a surprise! There were only a few books I had actually heard of and only one I have actually read- The Final Revival of Opal and Nev. I have two of the books on my shelves already, so I want to prioritize those before deciding if I want to dive deeper into the list. I have been curious about The Sentence since it came out and I have this feeling that Louise Erdrich is going to become a favourite author. Penguin Random House Canada sent me a finished copy of The Book of Form and Emptiness and I was so thrilled! I know that Ruth Ozeki is a beloved author and this book sounds so unique. I was excited to see both of those books longlisted!

Sarah Winman is an auto-buy author for me and I love how varied her books are. Tin Man will always be a favourite, and Still Life sounds quite different, but I already know I love Sarah Winman’s and will read whatever she writes. I think a lot of people were surprised that it wasn’t longlisted for The Women’s Prize!

If We Were Villains has been on my TBR for years, but I just recently bought a copy. Typically, this would be more of a fall read, but I just cannot wait until then! I know that this is a favourite among dark academia lovers and is often compared to The Secret History. I cannot wait to experience that for myself!

There are four YA novels that I would love to get to within the next few months, starting with A Clash of Steel. This is a Treasure Island retelling following lady pirates and has a sapphic romance. This is part of the same series as So Many Beginnings, which is a Little Women retelling I read earlier this month and absolutely fell in love with. Each of the books is written by a different author and the next book is a Robin Hood retelling!

Salt to the Sea is one of the books that has been on my TBR the longest and I am determined to finally read it this year. I just know I am going to love Ruta Sepetys and I would like to try more YA historical fiction. I don’t think I have ever seen a bad review for this book and I have been hearing amazing things about her newest release as well.

I have an ARC of Blood Scion and I am sad that I didn’t get to it before release day! It is still calling to me and I read the first few chapters and was definitely intrigued. The tagline is so memorable to me- “This is what they deserve. They wanted me to be a monster. I will be the worst monster they ever created.”

I had never heard of Dreams Lie Beneath before it was one of the books chosen for my 12 Challenge, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Not only does it have a striking cover, but the premise is also fascinating. I have been hearing about Rebecca Ross more and more these days, so I am hopeful that I will fall in love with her work.

I wanted to try and wait to read Hook, Line, and Sinker on the beach during the summer, but I just don’t think I can wait. I absolutely loved It Happened One Summer and have been anxiously waiting for Fox and Hannah’s love story. I am always up for a sweet friends-to-lovers romance and I already know I love the setting.

My best friend bought me a copy of The Ballerinas for Christmas and he keeps asking me what I thought, so I really should get to it! I am also just excited about it. I am drawn to any form of media that focuses on the dark side of ballet– I did grow up in the age of Center Stage after all!

It is no secret that Kazuo Ishiguro is one of my favourite authors and I tend to read one or two of his books a year. I just bought this stunning copy of An Artist of the Floating World, which is the book of his that I haven’t read that is recommended to me the most.

I have both Mythos and Heroes on my shelves and have been dying to read them. I also have them on audio because I have heard that listening to the audio while also reading the book is the best way to take the story in. I am in the mood for Greek myth retellings again!

I received a gorgeous edition of Daughter of the Moon Goddess from Fairyloot, and I already had an edition of the US version on my shelves. Both are stunning! I am hoping that I end up loving this and will be happy to have both editions. I have been hearing mixed things, but my gut is telling me it is going to work for me.

I have been known to love a good Pride and Prejudice retelling, and I love the idea of Mary being the main character. She is so often ignored, so I am ready for her to have the spotlight. I have heard incredible things about The Other Bennet Sister!

What are you planning to read in spring?

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48 thoughts on “Spring TBR 🌷

  1. There are so many on here that I still need to read, too! I actually somehow missed Mythos even though I love mythology retellings, so now I’ve added it and hopefully will read it sometime soon. 🙂

  2. I am not really a seasonal reader and just read whatever. You’ve got a great list. I can’t wait to read several of these. Daughter of the Moon Goddess has been sitting on my cart temping me like crazy! I hope I love it too.

  3. You have a great TBR lined up, I can’t wait to hear what you think of If We Were Villains, it was my first read of 2022 and no regrets! And of course excited to see what you think of Dreams Lie Beneath 🙂 I hope you enjoy it~!

      1. That is so funny she is everywhere now, I’ve noticed that too! I’ve been following her since her first book, The Queens Rising, so I’m really happy to see people talking about her books now 🥰

  4. I just started Opal and Nev! I was a little surprised by the list too but I recognized some of the authors even if I didn’t realize they had a book coming out. I read Ozeki’s previous book and it was interesting. Erdrich always gives me food for thought. I also just got Daughter of the Moon Goddess from the library.

  5. I had The Book of Form and Emptiness on one of my seasonal TBRs last year and I still haven’t read it. I think I am a bit worried it won’t hold up to A Tale for a Time Being which I loved. I really should read If We Were Villains too, it sounds exactly like something I would devour.

  6. The audiobooks of Mythos and Heroes are fabulous! I listened to them at my daughter’s suggestion, and loved them. (It’s worth getting copies of the print books — maybe the library? — to follow along with, because they’re beautiful and include great illustrations). I still need to get to the 3rd in the series, Troy — maybe this spring too! I’m looking forward to reading The Sentence — my book group will be reading it this fall.
    My TTT

    1. I have them both on audio and am excited to finally get to them! I have the hardcovers too… I couldn’t resist. They are so beautiful!

      I still need to grab Troy but thought I should probably read the first two before I invested in it.

  7. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on soo many of these, especially Blood Scion and Hook,Line And Sinker! 🥰 They seem so intriguing! I can’t wait to read The Hawthorne Legacy and The Green Bone Saga!!

  8. I really enjoyed The Ballerina’s and Hook, Line and Sinker. I hope you enjoy all these books, Kristin.

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