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When I first sat down to do this list, all of the bookish duos that came to mind were romantic ones. I realized that is an entirely different topic, so I decided to keep it to platonic or familial relationships. I love a strong bookish duo- there is often great banter and a lot of charming moments. That is certainly the case for the duos on this list!

Elizabeth and Jane (Pride and Prejudice)

There are a lot of incredible bookish duos in Pride and Prejudice (I almost went with Darcy and Bingley instead!), but there is something about the sisterhood between Elizabeth and Jane that has always touched me. They are very different in temperament, but they understand one another so well and have such a special bond. Many of my favourite moments in the book are between Elizabeth and Jane.

Franny and Jet (Practical Magic)

The Practical Magic series is my favourite witchy series, largely because of Franny and Jet. They are the quirky aunts in Practical Magic, but we follow them from their teenage years through adulthood in The Rules of Magic, my favourite book in the series. They also play a major role in the final book, The Book of Magic. They are sisters and have such a fun and unique relationship. They have been together their entire lives, and it shows!

Tarsai and Dayo (Raybearer)

What I love so much about the friendship between Tarisai and Dayo in Raybearer is that Tarisai was raised to hate him and sent to kill him. She did not expect that they would form the bond that they did. The bonds between the characters in this duology are what make it so special, but the respect and affinity between Tarisai and Dayo has stayed with me.

Ike and Buddy Lee (Razorblade Tears)

Ike and Buddy Lee from Razorblade Tears probably have the most unique connection of any other duo on this list! They are both fathers seeking revenge and decide to team up. They could not be more different but are united in the mission, which ultimately forces them to come to an understanding. I appreciated that Ike wasn’t afraid to call Buddy Lee out and that Buddy Lee was open to hearing it.

Monk and Robot (A Psalm for the Wild Built)

The relationship between Monk and Robot in A Psalm for the WIld-Built is a quiet one, and I cannot wait to see where it is going. They start off as strangers who have certain ideas of who the other is, but they begin to see different sides of one another through powerful conversations and moving moments. I am sure their connection will grow only further in the sequel!

Riley and Unknown (Project Hail Mary)

I always have such a hard time talking about this bookish duo from Project Hail Mary because knowing about the existence of one could be seen as a spoiler of this. If you have read this book, you know why it is on this list; if you haven’t, just trust me on this one!

Charlie and Amelia (Fat Chance, Charlie Vega)

I went into Fat Chance, Charlie Vega expecting a sweet YA romance, but what I got was a story about friendship and growing to love yourself first. Charlie and Amelia are best friends and they face some seriously relatable obstacles throughout the book. They argue and they misunderstand one another, but they eventually communicate and work through their problems. I think this is a book that every teenager should read, as it felt like the issues that both girls go through were extremely relatable.

Yadriel and Maritza (Cemetery Boys)

I cannot say that I have read many books about cousins, but the connection between Yadriel and Martiza from Cemetery Boys was so sweet and supportive! It was such a nice surprise. I loved that Martiza was always in Yadriel’s corner, even when the rest of their family was not. It was beautiful to see!

Loki and Thor (Norse Mythology)

There are many books that tell the story of Loki and Thor, but Norse Mythology is my favourite. If you are a fan of Marvel, you will know why. I love their back and forth!

Nana and Saturo (The Travelling Cat Chronicles)

I bet you did not expect the last bookish duo on this list to be a man and his cat. I have never cried so hard while reading a book, for so many reasons. The love between Nana (the cat) and Saturo from The Travelling Cat Chronicles is the sweetest thing! It doesn’t hurt that Hiro Arikawa manages to perfectly capture the cat’s voice- so much attitude!

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41 thoughts on “Best Bookish Duos

  1. Oof, how could I forget Jane and Elizabeth!? Definitely one of the top ultimate duos 😍 I had Yadriel and Maritza on my list today as well. I need a book for Maritza asap, lol! Great list!

  2. Elizabeth and Jane made my list this week, too! The original dynamic duo 🙂

    FangirlFlax @ FangirlFlax

  3. I have a lot of siblings, so I know how complicated those relationships can be. It’s always fun to see great ones in books. I especially like those that are realistically flawed, but show that siblings stick together no matter what.

    Happy TTT!


  4. I drew a total blank on this week’s topic — I didn’t want to go with romantic couples, then ran out of brain space to come up with anything else. 🙂 Love your list! And the range of duos is terrific, from Project Hail Mary to Monk & Robot to P&P. Awesome!

  5. Cool Post! Elizabeth and Jane are so understanding siblings their sisterhood is something what likes you the most in the book! Thor and Loki ” whatever it takes ” – only marvel fans will get this!

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