Animals From Books!

I recently wrote a post about books with cats on the cover, which definitely fits with this week’s TTT topic. Check it out if you are interested- there seems to be a trend in cats on covers and I am here for it!

This week I am sharing some of my favourite animal characters in books, from companions to narrators!

The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Book Cover

Though I will talk about The Travelling Cat Chronicles any chance I get, it really is the perfect book for this week’s prompt. The entire story is told from the perspective of a hilarious cat named Nana. It is so charming and bittersweet. One of my favourites!

The Humans

Book Cover

I feel like I talk about The Humans all of the time, but I rarely mention what a big role the family dog plays in the story and how sweet the relationship between the dog and the alien is!


Book Cover

Lying Cat is probably my favourite character in Saga! Hilarious and some great comic relief.

The House in the Cerulean Sea

Book Cover

Another cat! The cat in The House in the Cerulean Sea plays a small role, but he is the main character’s only companion at the start of the book and there are some funny moments surrounding the cat throughout.

Life of Pi

Book Cover

Life of Pi is a book I hated when I first read it but fell in love with upon a reread. The entire storyline surrounding the tiger is genius.

The Happy Ever After Playlist

Book Cover

The Happy Ever After Playlist is one of my favourite romances, and the two characters meet when Sloan finds Jason’s dog and agrees to take care of him while Jason is on tour. Such a sweet meet cute!

Second First Impressions

Book Cover

I just finished Second First Impressions and the turtles on the cover make sense when you read the book!

The History of Bees

Book Cover

I have always known the importance of bees, but The History of Bees really made me passionate about them. The book is told in three timelines, one of which is a dystopian world where bees are extinct.

The Essex Serpent

Book Cover

What makes The Essex Serpent so intriguing is the mystery behind this serpent and whether or not it actually exists.

The Feather Thief

Book Cover

The Feather Thief is probably an odd choice for this list, as it is nonfiction, but I don’t get a chance to talk about it as often as I would like. I had no idea that there was such a market for bird feathers within the fly fishing world until I read this book. It was fascinating!

I am realizing that I do love animals in books! I would love any recommendations!

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23 thoughts on “Animals From Books!

  1. Second First Impressions and The Happy Ever After Playlist are both on my TBR pile. And I really should read the History of Bees as my husband has a beehive in our backyard!

  2. Awesome list! I thought about Lying Cat after I already finished mine — so happy to see LC included here. I loved The Humans, and the tiger from Life of Pi is such a great choice. (I love the turtles in Second First Impressions too!)
    My TTT

  3. Great list. The Travelling Cat Chronicles is one of my favourites too, even though it left me an emotional wreck! I’ve recently read the first volume of Saga and I liked Lying Cat a lot.

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