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I adore the blogger community. I am constantly in awe of the level of commitment and creativity! I know that I could be better at sharing posts from my fellow bloggers, so I plan to make this a weekly feature where I share some of my favourite posts of the week!

Never Not Reading

Katie @ Never Not Reading posted an interesting discussion about how her mood affects how she rates a novel. This is something I have thought about myself and I am working on putting books down and returning to them when I am in better headspace. I do think that it is next to impossible for your mood (whether good or bad) to not have some effect on how you feel about a book!

I will never stop sharing tips of how to use the block editor, and Naty wrote a great blog posts with tips and tricks for book bloggers! I definitely learned a few new things!

Rosina @ Lace and Dagger Books shares some tips on how not to become overwhelmed by your TBR. This was a great reminder that it is about time I went through my TBR and evaluated whether or not all the books still appeal to me.

Jess @ Jessica C. Writes put together a guide on how to annotate your books! I am someone who aspires to annotate my books, but I have never done it. This guide was inspiring for me!

Clo @ Cuppa Clo shows how her formatting has evolved over the last three years. It was fun to see how her blog has grown, and she also shared some tips and tricks, which has inspired me to play around with my own formatting more!

There are so many blog posts that I love each and every week, so this is just a fraction of the ones that stood out to me!

What was your favourite blog post of the week and/or do you have a post of your own that you are proud of? Leave a link in the comments!

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  1. I use a plugin that allows me not to use the block editor but I’ll still go read that post…you never know.

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