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I adore the blogger community. I am constantly in awe of the level of commitment and creativity! I know that I could be better at sharing posts from my fellow bloggers, so I plan to make this a weekly feature where I share some of my favourite posts of the week!

Amanda @ Manda the Bibleo wrote a post that was a great reminder that it is important to take a break every once in awhile. I wanted to share this post because one of you might need to hear Amanda’s words right now. Take care of yourself and your mental health- you matter!

best books about books for book lovers of all time

Jennifer @ The Bibliofile put together a list of the best 100 books about books! I know that many of us are huge lovers of this niche, so this is the perfect post to bookmark and reference whenever you find yourself in the mood for a book about books.


Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger posted a tutorial on how to paint the edges of your books! The more people that I see doing this, the more tempted I am to give it a try. Jessica’s tutorial is thorough and easy to follow. I will be following her method soon and will show you the results! Thanks Jessica!

Camillea @ Camillea Reads talks about all the things that draw her to book covers. Our tastes in book covers seem to align, so this was such a fun read for me!

Ashley @ The Infinite Library decide to see how may adult contemporary romances she could read in a week. I loved a lot of the books she read and many others are on my TBR! This was a fun read!

Fall Recommendations 2020

Caro @ Bookcheshirecat put together a list of fall book recommendations. I appreciate that she broke the books down into difficult categories like atmospheric, cozy, and sad. That way you can find the perfect book to fit your mood!

There are so many blog posts that I love each and every week, so this is just a fraction of the ones that stood out to me!

What was your favourite blog post of the week and/or do you have a post of your own that you are proud of? Leave a link in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “Blog Posts I Loved This Week

  1. This is such a great idea! I’m going to have to check out some of the posts you shared 😀
    Also, thanks for the shout-out! I can’t wait to see how your sprayed edges turn out. ❤

  2. This is such a great blog post idea. I’m mildly tempted to steal it, which means this post would obviously have to be the first one on the list! lol.

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