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I adore the blogger community. I am constantly in awe of the level of commitment and creativity! I know that I could be better at sharing posts from my fellow bloggers, so I plan to make this a weekly feature where I share some of my favourite posts of the week!

Leyanis @ The Blogger and the Geek wrote a fascinating post about why romance is her favourite genre, and she also gave some great recommendations! I love that she talked about her favourite subgenres of romance, and, as someone who typically reads contemporary romance, it is pushing me to try some romance books outside of my comfort zone.

Carol @ Santana Reads shared why she no longer finds meaning in the star rating system. As someone who doesn’t use star ratings on her blog, this was fascinating to me.

Nicole @ Sorry, I’m Booked checks how her favourite books rate on Goodreads. It is interesting to see whether her opinions align with the average Goodreads reader! Nicole also posted a glowing review of Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel, which made me so happy because it is my favourite series.

Robin @ Paperbacks and Planners shared a list of 10 book set at boarding schools or on a college campus. I know Robin and I aren’t the only ones who love this setting, so check out the post for some amazing recommendations!

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Tracy @ Truffle’s Literary Wonders shares tips on how to form a healthy relationship with reading. I think a lot of us can get caught up in reading challenges or in wanting to read the most hyped books, but Tracy’s post is a great reminder of what reading is all about.

There are so many blog posts that I love each and every week, so this is just a fraction of the ones that stood out to me!

What was your favourite blog post of the week and/or do you have a post of your own that you are proud of? Leave a link in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “Blog Posts I Loved This Week

  1. What an awesome post idea! I’m excited to check out these bloggers and see which ones are new to me, and that I might want to follow as well. 🙂 Some of these topics you mentioned sound really interesting.

  2. I love these posts of yours! The creativity of the blogging community is always so encouraging, and this series always reminds me to engage with it more! I especially love the last entry on this list — a nice reminder reading challenges are not everything haha

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