Rating All of the YA Novels I Have Read

I have seen this trend going around Booktube where people are using the website TierMaker to rank their books in different and creative ways. I do not give books star ratings here on this blog, but I do on Goodreads. I thought it might be fun to share my star ratings of all of the YA novels that I have read since I started blogging almost three years ago. I have tried to put them in order of favourite to least favourite as well. If you’re interested, I might make this a series. I have so many different ideas of how I can rank and rate books using TierMaker!

It does not surprise me at all that the majority of the YA that I have read is four stars. That is pretty true for my reading life in general!

The books that I have given five stars are truly the ones I find myself talking about the most. I adore each and every one of those books!

It was interesting going through this list of YA novels because I came to realize that my feelings about a lot of them have changed over time. I found myself lowering my rating of quite of few of these.

Let me know if any of my ratings surprised you and whether you agree or disagree with them!

Based on the books that I rated five stars, what should I read next? I need to give YA more love!

38 thoughts on “Rating All of the YA Novels I Have Read

  1. Wow… this is an amazing post. Some I completely agree with. I was SO salty about All the Stars and Teeth. My review was SCATHING.

    But SOC… Really??? REALLY LOL… But damn lady. What a post!

      1. OMG That book. Like I never thought I’d write a saltier review than the one I wrote for Verify. And then THAT BOOK. I just. HOLY CRAP.

        I joke around but everyone has a right to their feels. That’s why there are so many books out there. It just makes my soul more pure than yours, is all. LOL ;P

  2. Seeing With The Fire On High reminds me that I should read it soon. I don’t yet have a physical copy, though I’m thinking up every excuse to buy one!

      1. As it is my three year blog birthday today, maybe I should treat myself? (trying to find as many excuses to buy a book as possible)

  3. I have more 4 star books than any others too, lately 3 stars are becoming pretty common too. THUG was a 5 star for me too, and we have quite a few 4 stars in common as well. But seeing Carry On in the 2 star group 😭 😭 😭 😭 I loved this book – lol.

  4. Ha! Love your rating of Everything! I was soooo annoyed with the ending and felt punked! I also loved Far From the Tree! Great idea for a post! I might link to you and use your idea?!?!
    Ok…a few of my fav YA that I don’t think are on your list are Paper Hearts, The Librarian of Auschwitz, Dreamland Burning, Salt to the Sea, Tell Me Three Things, Eleanor and Park, The Glass Castle, Book Thief, Hunger Games, Sea of Tranquility

    1. I originally gave Everything, Everything two stars but over time it has made me even more angry! Far From the Tree is incredible!

      I would love if you did this! Thanks for all of these amazing recommendations. Salt to the Sea has been on my shelves for years and I know I will love it.

  5. Such a cool idea! I might do something similar too 🙂
    I don’t read much YA these days, but I recently bought Scythe and am pretty curious about it. I see that you gave it 4 stars.

  6. My heart hurts to see SOC and ADSOM in the three-star section, but I understand that not everybody is gonna love all the hyped books! I’m completely with you on All the Stars and Teeth though. I gave All the Stars 3.5 stars but I think I was being too generous. I really expected it to blow me away 🙁 The Belles was a huge disappointment too.

      1. The Belles was such a great concept. And the book itself is gorgeous. The story and characters however weren’t as amazing. I really wanted to love that one. I’m still interested to see what other books the author comes out with though!

  7. Helloooo Kristin!! It’s so nice to read your posts after coming back from my hiatus haha. Wow I didn’t know about this book tool or app? How do you use it? Sounds interesting, might try it.
    Also, THUG, Far from the Tree and Sawkill Girls are my 5-star reads toooo!!🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. Ah what a lovely post, I love it so much. I loved The Beauty That Remains so much, Far from the Tree made me cry ahh. Such an underrated read <3

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