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I have never been to a book festival, but it is definitely something that is on my bucket list! I am sure they are really chaotic but in the best way.

I found this on the wonderful Sara’s blog, The Bibliophagist.


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Author Lineup

Name your top 3 authors that you would like to meet.

Heather O’Neill

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No surprise here! Heather O’Neill is one of my favourite authors. She is also a Canadian, which I like to think increases my chances of actually meeting her. Her books are so atmospheric and devastatingly beautiful that I think hearing her speak would be so insightful.

Colson Whitehead

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Colson Whitehead has written two of my favourite novels, and I imagine that he would be an incredible speaker. He is just one of those people that I think I could learn a lot from.

Matt Haig

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I think that Matt Haig has started some important conversations about mental health. I so appreciated both of his nonfiction books, Reasons to Stay Alive and Notes from a Nervous Planet. I have shared passages from both books with my friends and family. His fiction novel The Humans is also so delightful and makes me smile just thinking about it. I just want to shake his hand!

The Official Schedule

How do you determine what books you’re going to read next? 

Mood, mood, mood. I am such a mood reader that it is impossible to know what book I will pick up next. I do try to prioritize ARCs but I do not force it if I am just not in the mood for them- it is not fair to the book! Also, if someone lends me a book I will always pick it up ASAP.

ARC Drops

What ARC would you wait hours in line for? 

Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

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I think my love for Elizabeth Avevedo has been made pretty clear, so it probably comes as no surprise that I would wait in line for hours for Clap When You Land. I would be happy if I went to a book festival and this was the only ARC I walked out with!

Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi


Yaa Gyasi is the author who wrote the masterpiece that is Homegoing- the novel that made me fall in love with multi-generational stories. Ever since I read Homegoing, I have been impatiently waiting for Gyasi next novel and 2020 is the year! It does not come out until September, so if I would wait all day for an ARC.

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampire by Grady Hendrix


I have no idea why I am so excited about this book, but my gut is telling me I am going to love it. I need more vampires in my life! Seriously, I talk about his book so much that it is making the wait more difficult.

The Swag!

What bookish merch/pre-order incentives/etc. is your favorite?

I love anything that has the author’s signature on it whether it is a poster, a bookmark, a bookplate, etc. I also just love any original bookmarks- they are my favourite things!

The Panels

What topic would you love to see some of your favorite authors talk about?

I am always curious about where the inspirations for the stories I love came from. There are so many author’s whose minds I am in awe of and I would just love to hear anything about their process.

I would also be curious to know their thoughts on the book community.

Yallfest, Yallwest, BookCon/BookExpo, YALC, Etc.

What book festival/con would you go to if you had the choice?

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Can I say them all? One I would love to go to and is probably the most realistic for me is Word on the Street in Toronto. I love to support Canadian authors and the Canadian publishing industry in any way that I can.


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  1. Thank you so much for doing the tag, Kristin! I loved reading your answers. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires sounds really good – I discovered it yesterday and it’s so not my usual cup of tea but I can’t wait for it for some odd reason. And Clap When You Land – I cannot wait for it so much! Great post, and thanks so much again for doing the tag!! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for Transcendent Kingdom too! Book festivals are a treat for bibliophiles. They are such fun. Hope you get to attend one. 🙂

  3. I’m SO excited for Yaa Gyasi’s next book as well! This is such a fun series, I know I wasn’t tagged but hope you don’t mind if I do it and link back to you too 🙂

      1. Dumb question 😬How do you tag/mention someone in a post? I tried to @someone but the only name that pops up is my own?

  4. Literature festival are amazing you get to meet your favorite authors and listen to them. I recently went to Jaipur literature festival and it was amazing. You should check out my post on it .

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