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I found this tag on the blog Bewitching Books, Ravenous Reads (how cool is that blog name!). I am not someone who is big in to bucket list but if I were to make one it would definitely be book-related!

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What books or series that intimidate you (because of length, density, subject) would feel like an accomplishment to finish? 

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

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This is a book that I preordered, so obviously I was excited about it at the time. The sheer size of it intimidates me. I have also since seen some mixed reviews so I am reluctant to pick it up and dedicate the time and energy to it. One of these days it will happen!

2. What author would you like to coauthor a book with?

Image result for claire fuller

This is a tough question because I am in no way a writing, but I would probably choose Claire Fuller. She is the author of two of my favourite books, Swimming Lessons and Bitter Orange. I recently posted the Perfect Book tag and the book that I came up with is very similar to something that she would write. I think our interests very much align!

3. If you could interview any author for your blog, who would it be? What’s one question you would ask?

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There are so many brilliant authors who I would love to have on my blog and I would want to ask them very thoughtful questions, but for some reason the first person to come to mind was Patrick Ness. And I would ask him “Why?!?” If you have read The Knife of Never Letting Go you will understand why I can never forgive him!

4. As a writer, what genre is out of your comfort zone that you’d like to conquer someday and write within?

Again, I am not a writer but if I could write a book within one genre it would definitely be historical fiction. I would imagine this would be difficult because of the amount of research that would be involved and the pressure to be accurate.

5. What specific edition of a book would you like to own someday? It could be rare, a first edition, an anniversary edition, signed, or one with a cover special to you, etc. 

Nancy Drew Set

Have you seen the beautiful editions of classic and popular novels on Juniper Books? They are all so stunning and in my dreams I would own them all. They would look so pretty on a shelf. I currently have my eye on the Nancy Drew set, it just brings me so much nostalgia!

6. Are there any books or bookish items that you’d like to collect? 

I want to start collecting bookmarks from every place that I travel to! I currently have one from Montreal, Boston, and Chicago. I often forget to actually purchase one when I am travelling!

7. Name one bookish place you’d like to visit. (Not somewhere you’d like to visit because of a book and not a fictional place within a book. A library, bookstore, etc.)

Max Joseph recently posted a video on Youtube about bookstores. In it, he visits many unique and iconic bookstores, and I would love to visit each and every one. The video is excellent and definitely worth the watch!

8. Name one bookish event you’d like to attend. (A festival, a signing, a book fair, etc.)

My goal is to eventually move to Toronto, where there will be opportunities to attend many different book festivals and signings. Where I currently live there is none of that, so having the opportunity to attend any of these events would be amazing!

9. Your WIP is getting published and designing the cover is solely up to you. What does it look like?

44908895. sy475

This is an interesting question considering in the Fall I am talking a course on called Introduction to Book Design. I think I would want something bold and colourful, something that really catches the eye! I love the cover for The Ensemble, so something similar to that would be perfect.

10. What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish within the bookish world? As a writer, reader, blogger, whatever you want.

There are so many things! I think most importantly would be to finish my Publishing certificate and to turn it in to a career in some way. I have plans to start freelancing as a copy editor, and I hope to share more about that with you in the near future!


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  2. This is such a fun post! Good luck for your career in Publishing, it used to be my dream field so I’m rooting extra hard for you! 😍

  3. I started reading Priory, but haven’t dedicated a lot of time to it yet…I think I’ve only read like 20 pages. It’s not bad so far. I just keep getting distracted by other books though. Reader problems, am I right? LOL.

    Very nice answers.

  4. This is a great tag! I hope you enjoy Priory of the Orange Tree, I read it earlier in the year and it took me about a month to read! Unfortunately I wasn’t a big fan, but there is a lot of book there so even if you don’t enjoy the story as a whole, there will be some aspects you like ☺️ And enjoy your book design course! I work as a book designer in a publishing house and it is a complete dream, I hope you pursue your dream and get to work in publishing too, it really is amazing!

  5. Thank you for tagging me and thank you so, so much for what you said about my blog name ❤ Sorry for taking so long to respond, I ended up staying away from my blog for longer than I initially intended to. I look forward to catching up on your posts though (:
    I loved reading your answers. I’m definitely going to have to get on with The Knife Of Never Letting Go soon to find out what the ‘why’ is about! And I agree that historical fiction must be tricky considering the level of research that has to go into it. I love the idea of getting bookmarks from wherever you travel and those Nancy Drew books are gorgeous! I had a look at their other books and they all are really.
    Good luck with your publishing certificate too (:

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