Why I Love Reading


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I love this week’s topic! I have always loved reading but I very rarely take the time to sit down and reflect on why. I can not wait to read everyone’s posts this week!

A Different Perspective

I think this is probably what I love most about reading! Reading allows me to live in someone else’s shoes and to see the world from a perspective that is completely different from my own.  I think because of this reading has made me a more compassionate, emphatic and open-minded person.

The Discussions and Friendships

I love the discussions that can come from reading! There is nothing I enjoy more than finding someone who loves reading as much as I do.  I also love debating about books with other readers and the fact that no two reader reads the same book! It makes for very interesting and enlightening conversations!  Reading has allowed me to form connections with like-minded people who I never would have met otherwise.  I actually think I spend more time talking about books than actually reading them!

Improved Vocabulary

I constantly find words that I have never heard of in novels and will then stop and look up their definitions.  I truly think that my vocabulary has improved a great deal since I started that habit! I have even start writing down the words that I find so I am accumulating a bookish dictionary!


There is nothing that helps me unwind more than picking up a good book! Ask me my happy place and I will tell you it is a bubble bath, with candles lit, and a good book.  Reading helps me unwind and get out of my head for awhile.


I have come to the realization that there is something very nostalgic about reading for me, and I don’t even quite know how to explain what I mean by that.  I think it is because I have so many memories attached to books and reading.  I can see a certain book on my shelves and instantly remember when and where I was when I read it.  For example, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants always makes me think of summers when I was younger and seeing the series on my shelves always brings a smile to my face.


26 thoughts on “Why I Love Reading

  1. The discussions part is so true!!!! My friend and I had 2 different takes on the end of a book, it was crazy!!! It’s amazing at the world you can get lost in with a book!

  2. This post made me smile so much! I love seeing people talk about the reason behind their love for books; it’s always something so personal and I think it’s lovely that the same activity can have such different meanings for everyone. I definitely relate with the nostalgia element. I associate certain books with a time period in my life, so revisiting them will always remember me of who I was at the time.
    I think the main reason why I’m still a reader today is because I love the person that I am when I’m reading. I’m very insecure in all the other aspects of my life, but I’m very proud of the reader inside me. As you mentioned, connecting with other stories and having empathy for others is definitely something that books have allowed me to, but also just being able to find myself through someone else’s worlds is life-changing.
    Lovely post, Kristin!

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! It makes me happy that you can relate to the nostalgia. It’s great having memories attached to books. I am moved by your comment about how you are proud of the reader inside yourself- that’s powerful.

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