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There have been so many amazing book to movie and tv adaptions this year that I thought this tag would be appropriate! I found it on the blog Book Loving Nut but I am going to change the questions to include TV adaptations as well! I used to be reluctant about adaptations but I having been loving them lately!

1. What is the last book adaptation movie/TV show you saw?

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Is Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald considered an adaptation? I am going to pretend that it is not because I have so many issues with it… so the last adaption that I saw was Crazy Rich Asians and I absolutely loved it! Such a beautiful movie!

2. What book movie/TV show are you most excited for?

Have you seen the trailor for Dumplin’? It looks so good! I really enjoyed the book and the adaptation definitely looks like it has potential to be amazing! It is coming to Netflix on December 7th.

3. Which upcoming book movie/TV show will you definitely NOT see?

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Pet Sematary by Stephen King is coming out in April of next year and you could not pay me to see it! Just thinking about it gives me chills. I do not do well with horror, especially when animals are involved! I couldn’t even work up the nerve to watch the trailer…

4. Which book movie/TV show would you NEVER watch again?

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Hmmm… I have to say A Simple Favor. The cast is brilliant but I thought the movie was just okay and now I know all of the twists! I can not picture myself ever watching it again.

5. Is there a movie/TV show you saw that made you want to read the book, if you hadn’t yet?

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I can not believe that I still have not read Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly! I absolutely adored the movie and I have been loving non-fiction this year. I especially enjoy non-fiction about women doing incredible things. I have heard amazing things about the book so I need to make it a priority.

6. Conversely, is there a movie/TV show that made you never want to read the book?

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Definitely 13 Reasons Why! I watched one episode and instantly knew that it was not the show for me and I am glad that I never got around to actually reading the book. I quickly removed it from my TBR.

7. Name an adaptation that has almost nothing to do with the book it’s supposedly based on.

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The entire time I was watching Annihilation I was thinking “That is not what happened in the book!!” I almost wish I had not read the book first because I think I would have enjoyed the movie more. I was comparing it to the book the entire time and it took me out of the story.

8. Have you ever left the theater during a movie adaptation because it was so bad?

No because I paid for the movie! Sometimes I like to watch really bad movies because it is fun to laugh about with your friends afterwards!

9. Do you prefer to watch the movie first or read the book first?

Definitely read the book! I actually struggle to read books after I have already seen the movie. I think it is because I can’t get the movie characters out of my head while I am reading and it taints some of the magic of reading for me!

10. How do you feel about movie/TV show adaptations that age characters up? (ex. characters that are in middle-school, but in the movies they’re all 18)

I can understand why choices like that are made. You can do a lot more with characters who are over the age of 18. It can really ruin the story though! It has to be a situation where changing the characters ages makes sense. There are not enough movies out there with characters who are in middle school, and that is such a shame!

11. Do you get angry when the actors don’t look like you thought the characters looked?

I guess it depends in how they are changed. If a diverse character in a novel is suddenly white in the movie- yes, that makes me angry! If a character has a different hair colour than I imagined- no, I am okay with that!

12. Is there a movie you liked better than its book?

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The first movie that came to mind was The Devils Wears Prada! I freaking LOVE that movie but I could not even get through the book. It is funny how my taste in movies can be very different than my taste in books. I love a good rom-com movie, but I rarely read books like that!

13. Name a book that you would love to see as a movie.


There are so many books that I would love to be seen made in to movies, but the first one that came to mind was The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord. It is a really sweet and emotional novel and I think it would translate in to a really wonderful movie. I also love movies that are set at summer camps!


I have loved so many adaptations in 2018, and I can not wait to see what 2019 brings! What have been your favourite movie adaptations of the year?


31 thoughts on “Book Adaptation Tag

  1. Omg I had no idea that Hidden Figures is an adaption! I need to check it out *soon*.
    Also, really need go read Crazy Rich Asians before I watch the movie. I’ve heard great things about it.

  2. We read “Hidden Figures” in one of my book clubs this year. It was well-written and very interesting to learn about those amazing women and all they accomplished. The book includes plenty of details and background. What I hadn’t expected is that there is very little (if any) dialog. It is written purely as a non-fiction book being told by the narrator. I certainly need to watch this movie!

  3. Great post! Thinking about it makes me realize just how many adaptations there are and how easy it is to forget some things are based on books. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great responses! I definitely agree with The Devil Wears Prada being a better movie adaptation than the book itself.

    But for me, I’d rather watch the movie first, because there have been many cases where I thought I’d enjoy it more if I hadn’t read the book as I kept comparing the two. Also, nothing makes me want to read a book more than a movie adaptation that intrigues me.

  5. I really need to read Crazy Rich Asians. A recent movie I thought was quite good was Wrinkle in Time – though not perfect. I love that book! A movie that made me read the book was Paul Newman’s Nobody’s Fool. I never get tired of it. I really, really want to see The Hate U Give.

      1. I already have mixed feelings about Jude Law as Dumbledore… And what I’ve seen in the trailers haha so I’ll see!

  6. oooh i completely forgot Dumplin’ was getting an adaptation! and it’s out so soon 😮 & i totalllyyyy agree about Thirteen Reasons Why

  7. I think Love Simon was my favorite adaptation this year.Or Sharp Objects. I enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians but haven’t read the book so can’t judge. Though I’m really looking forward to Dumpin as well.

  8. Ooh I love this tag and your answers! Totally agree about The Devil Wears Prada. I haven’t read 13 Reasons Why or watched the tv show but I kind of want to read it at some point just so I feel like I have the authority to talk about how awful it is? Is that bad? (That is bad. I don’t care.)

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