Oops! I Messed Up Book Tag!

Oops!I Messed UpTag

The I Messed Up Book Tag was originally created by IsthatChami on Youtube and I found it on the blog Book Beach Bunny!  I thought these questions were really original and it was surprisingly challenging to come up with some of my answers!

A character appearance you imagined differently?

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Ah pretty much every single character! I am someone who does not pay too much attention to character descriptions so how I picture a character in my head it completely random.  I have started to look at fanart if the book I am reading is popular and that helps me get an idea of what a character looks likes.  I did this recently with the characters from Six of Crows and I found that to be very helpful!

A name you pronounced wrong?

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Again, so many! This is another thing that I am trying to get better at and try to do some research to see how a name is pronounced if I am struggled.  I definitely pronounced Hermione incorrectly, and I think it is safe to assume I am not alone in that! More recently, I had to look up how to say a lot of the names in both of Madeline Miller’s books! I am not well-versed in Greek Mythology so that was interesting to say the least.

Overused trope that’s a guilty pleasure?


Definitely the hate to love trope! I can not get enough of it! I recently read The Hating Game by Sally Thorne and absolutely adored it.  I plan on reading Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren soon.  If you have any book recommendations that have the hate to love trope please share them in the comments!

A cliched character you like better on screen than in a book?

I would have to say the bad boy with a heart of gold! When I read books with characters like that I tend to roll my eyes and find myself cringing. Weirdly, 10 Things I Hate About You is one of my favourite movies and I absolutely adore Heath Ledger’s character, Patrick, and he is the epitome of this trope!

A word or phrase you learned because of a book?

The first word that came to night was “fortnight.” It is a word that I had heard but never gave much thought to.  Once I started reading fantasy novels the word appeared quite often and I finally looked up the meaning. It means two weeks, which I never would have figured out on my own!

Have you ever not read or completed required school reading?

This is something I never did! I read every book that I was assigned to read when I was in school, even if I was hating it.  I am aging myself, but the internet wasn’t what it is today when I was in high school.  This was the time of MySpace and sparknotes was a very new thing! I actually wrote a post taking about all of the books that I read as required reading.

Have you ever skipped a POV chapter?

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I do not think I have ever completely skipped a POV but I have definitely skimmed certain perspectives that I wasn’t enjoying just so I could get to the POV of the character that I really loved! I probably ended up skimming about half of Games of Thrones…

Cancelled social plans to read?

I have never actually cancelled plans in order to read, but I have definitely not made plans because the thought of reading and soaking in the bathtub was much more appealing.  There have also been times when my plans were cancelled and I was overjoyed because it meant I could stay home and read.


38 thoughts on “Oops! I Messed Up Book Tag!

  1. This was so fun to read! I definitely agree with you on the hate to love trope, it’s one of my favourites 😀 There’s just something so satisfying about watching their feeling grow and realising they love each other!

  2. These questions are really original.
    I sometimes don’t notice the descriptions and end up imagining a totally different character in my head and I try to google non-spoilery images because things get easier that way.
    We didn’t have required reading for English Classes where I live but I wish we did!

  3. Such a fun tag! I’m so impressed that you read every book that you were assigned to read in school. I think school sadly taught me how not to finish books. 🙂

  4. I’m the same about characters, I almost never read their descriptions and then picture them completely wrong! And same about Game of Thrones, there were definitely some POVs that I skimmed

  5. Loved your answers! It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one who didn’t get Hermione. It was probably not until the movie that I figured it out 🙂 Also total disaster with character descriptions I try to avoid it when I’m talking about that with people because it usually ends with them staring at me wondering, “Who are you talking about? Did we read the same book?”

  6. Haahha awesome questions with awesome answers! Sort of laughed out loud at you having skimmed through half of GoT. Whoever you did skip must have been pretty darn boring for you! 🤣

  7. Do you not have the word ‘fortnight’ over there!? I was really confused as to how you didn’t know what that meant, then I thought that maybe it’s just a British word?

    That really never occurred to me before, though. It’s just a word I assumed that was a normal, English word, that everybody used.

  8. I’m sooo with you on the character descriptions! I personally don’t even like trying to imagine a character based on the descriptions in a book (and I’m not one for fanart either) because I feel like it interferes with the image I conjure in my mind, so I feel you. 😛

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