Series I Have Started and Hope to Finish

Series I Have Started andHope to Finish

I have mentioned this many times on my blog but I am horrible at finishing series! I think if I put it out in the universe that I want to finish these series than maybe it will actually happen? I am going to talk about series that I need to finish where all of the books are already published! If you have read any of these I would love to hear your opinion and whether or not it is worth continuing on with it!

The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

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I read and loved Illuminae almost a year ago and I have been meaning to read Gemina ever since! I eventually decided that I would read it closer to the release date of Obsidio. Well, Obsidio is out now and I have not picked it up yet! I have no excuses! I know that I am going to love the other books in this series, I just need to me in the mood for them.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

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Red Rising was another book that I read almost a year and it is the book that I credit for introducing me to my love of SciFi! I have heard that the books only get better so I really should continue on with it soon. I miss these characters!

Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab

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I was surprised that I enjoyed A Darker Shade of Magic as much as I did. I really enjoyed the premise and V.E. Schwab is a fantastic author. For whatever reason, I have not yet been compelled to continue on with the series but I would love to get to it eventually!

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

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It has been many years since I read A Great and Terrible Beauty but I remember absolutely loving it. At this point I would probably have to reread it if I wanted to continue on with the series. The books are all just so big and I think that is why I hesitate to pick it up even though I really enjoyed the first one.

Waterfire Saga by Jennifer Donnelly

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I read Deep Blue when it first came out because I was all about mermaids back then! I remember very little about it but I really did enjoy it at the time. I would love to reread the first book and, if I enjoy it, continue on with the series. I have not seen a lot of people talking about it but the reviews of Goodreads are excellent!

Southern Reach by Jeff VanderMeer

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I read Annihilation in January and it is probably the weirdest book that I have ever read. I then saw the movie and it was completely different than the book but just as strange. I really need to see where this story goes! It is just so bizarre so I have to been in the right frame of mind to read them.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

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I have read Cinder and Scarlet and while I enjoyed them, I did not love them as much as it seems everyone else did. I would still like to continue on with the series because I feel like I am missing out on something! I have a feeling that this is a series where the books get better and better so I would like to give it another chance.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

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I read Crazy Rich Asians in February and thought it was hilarious! I am hoping to read China Rich Girlfriend very soon. This series has such a dynamic and outrageous cast of characters and I can not wait to see what they get up to in the next two books.

The Diviners by Libba Bray

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It has been years since I read The Diviners but I remember it like it was yesterday! I absolutely adored this book! I think what happened was that it took so long for the sequels to be published that I almost forgot that this series existed! It is definitely one I would like to complete ASAP!

Grisha Verse by Leigh Bardugo

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I read Shadow and Bone a few years ago and I didn’t love it. I would like to read Six of Crows, and I know you do not have to read this series to read that one, but I would like to finish this one first!

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

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I really enjoyed Under the Never Sky and I really do not know why I never continued on with the series! I would love to see what happens next. I just need to get my hands on some copies of the next two books!

Legend by Marie Lu

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I finally read Legend recently and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it! I often see these books at my thrift store so I am excited to pick them up and hoping read them really soon!

Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

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I rated The Girl of Fire and Thorns 5 stars so why have I not finished the series? I have no idea! I do not hear a lot of people talking about it and I suppose it fell off my radar. I am really happy that writing this post has reminded me how much I loved the first book and now I just need to track down the other books in the series.

The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa

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Julie Kagawa wrote one of my favourite series, The Blood of Eden! I did not enjoy The Iron King as much as I was hoping that I would so I just never continue on with it! I really adore her though and would love to give it another chance.

Millennium by Stieg Larsson

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This books are just so big!! I read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo when it was all the rage and I can not even remember what I thought about it. I own all of these books so I would like to reread the first one and if I enjoy it than I will continue on with the series.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

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Please do not hate me but I did not love The Lightning Thief! Maybe it is because I read it for the first time when I was in my 20’s? I tried to read The Sea of Monsters but I could’nt get through it. I own all of the books so I would love to try again! I hear so much about Rick Riordan and all of his books and I just want to love them!


Have you read any of these series? I would love to know your thoughts on them and whether or not they are worth continuing on with!

Are you as bad as finishing series as I am? I wonder why that is!


66 thoughts on “Series I Have Started and Hope to Finish

  1. I was just thinking of posting my own list of series as well 🙂 🙂 I still might. 🙂 Though I think I’m gonna steal a few from yours. You featured such interesting books. And by the way, same here, I also didn’t like Shadow and Bone. 🙂

      1. I know some readers who didn’t like it that much too… It’s almost hard to believe that the same writer wrote one of my most favorite series too, Six of Crows Duology. 🙂 🙂

  2. I’m the worst at finishing series. I don’t even know if I’ve finished one with 3+ books yet 😂 I always stop. But that will be changing very soon, starting with Harry Potter!

  3. Oh, man. So much to say about this post…

    I JUST started Gemina, after reading Illuminae… about a year ago.

    Red Rising is amazing ALL the way through (Book 4 is out now, but it’s kind of the start of another trilogy 10 years after the first!)

    I have a Collector’s Edition of A Darker Shade of Magic that makes me feel worse for everyday I haven’t picked it up to read it. Same thing with Legend, except for the collector’s edition bit.

    Haven’t had anything to do with Southern Reach series, but I’ve heard so many great things, it won’t be long before I had a foot in that world, too.

    GREAT post!

    1. Thank you!!

      Are you enjoying Gemina? That is the one I want to read the most!

      I knew you were going to comment about Red Rising! I didn’t that that Iron Gold takes place 10 years later. That definitely sounds interesting!

      The Collector’s Edition of ADSOM is so beautiful! You need to read that one and Legend. I would be curious to see what you think.

      Ahh I wonder what you think about Southern Reach!! I feel like you are going to love it!

  4. I’m terrible at finishing series as well. I think it’s because if it’s a new series, I have to wait so long until the next book. And by then I’ll have forgotten what happened and I just give up lol. I’m better with completed series lol.

      1. I am, but it took me a little while to get into! It’s more ‘spacey’ than Red Rising, which I like, as I wanted more ‘space’ from Red Rising! I am not quite feeling the characters though…

  5. I don’t have very many series I haven’t finished except for Divergent…I don’t think I will ever finish the Percy Jackson series cause I didn’t like the first book and couldn’t even try with the second one like you. I am a series reader for the most part.

      1. I liked the the trials of Apollo or whatever that was called. You should check out the first book review I wrote on that! That was the only book I have liked… I have the second book checked out from the library, but I am not in the mood to read it yet.

        I didn’t finish The Hunger Games series for the longest time because I tried to stay away from the hype. Then I met Finnick Odair in the second HG movie.

  6. omg don’t talk to me about finishing series… that was one of my main goals for this year. I’ve only finished one series but started a load more xD It will never end!!

    Plzplzplzplz do the Illuminae Files soon! I just finished reading Obsidio recently and it’s def one of my favorite trilogies. Plus it’s only a trilogy and you’ve read 1, so only 2 more to go!

    My friend gifted me Red Rising last year in maybe… November and I *still* have not read it. I am so awful.

  7. Oh, great list! I plan to finish these ones I started as well:

    The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (One more left)
    Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown (One more left)
    The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – I only read 1/4.
    Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor – I only read 1/3.

    I’m on the same boat. Good luck!

  8. I absolutely love both Illuminae Files and Red Rising! ADSOM is also great! I do hope you enjoy the end of these series (they ended just as well as they started imo) I can understand what you mean about Percy jackson- while I’m enjoying the series, I would’ve enjoyed it much more if I’d read it when I was younger. Great post!

  9. I have not finished Illuminae files either but really want to. I did really enjoy the first one! As for The Grisha Trilogy I have read all three and will say that I did relativity enjoy the books. I have since read Six of Crows and actually enjoyed that way more! However I am yet to read crooked kingdom. Why do i do this? haha. Great post and I hope you get to finish some of these eventually!

  10. i feel like the lunar chronicles just gets better and better as it goes so i hope you enjoy it more if you continue with it!!

  11. Illuminae is so good and Obsidio is amazing! I love The Lunar Chronicles and hope you like the other books more!

  12. I read the Gemma Doyle books last year, and enjoyed them. I wouldn’t say the series is entirely amazing, but it was fun. The audiobooks are very good. I loved the Lunar Chronicles! I never kept going past The Diviners, and at this point, I don’t think I will. Like you said, it took so long for the sequel to come out!

    1. I never thought about listening to the audiobooks for Gemma Doyle. I check those out for sure! I am looking forward to trying The Lunar Chronicles again! It took forever for The Diviners sequels to come out and I am sure there are a lot of us who lost interest in it.

  13. I don’t read many series because I tire of them after a while but I LOVED Millenium by Stieg Larrson. I have read all them and they are a permanent fixture on my bookshelf. However, I refuse to read the fourth book that is by a different author.

  14. My favorite Lunar chronicles and PJ books were the later ones, so I hope you decide to continue with those series! They get better in my opinion! I read SoC before the Grisha trilogy, and enjoyed it a lot more than the Shadow and Bone books. I would recommend reading Six of crows and Crooked Kingdom first! <3

  15. I’ve never heard of the Waterfire Saga before, but I love mermaids and it sounds really good – so that’s going on my tbr! I was also in my 20’s when I read The Lightning Thief and I didn’t really enjoy it either, so maybe that’s the problem! Everyone loves his books so much though and it makes me want to love them too.

  16. I think you should definitely continue Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty. Yes, they’re long, but the series is great. I plan on reading them again soon because it’s been several years.

    I love Rick Riordan and his books, but if you went through 1 and a half and didn’t enjoy it, maybe it’s not your thing? Life is too short to read books you don’t enjoy. I think the series is fantastic, and I recommend it to a lot of people. We don’t all have to like the same things though.

    A couple of these series are on my list. I don’t have trouble finishing series at all. I do, however, have tons of trouble starting them. 😂

    1. I really loved A Great and Terrible Beauty so I really should take the time to read the other two books!

      I completely agree that life is too short to read books that you don’t enjoy! I might revisit The Lightning Thief in the future because tastes change so you never know!

      There are so many series out there! It is impossible to read them all!

  17. Percy Jackson is so good! If you found it a bit childish I’d suggest trying Magnus Chase or Trials of Apollo? They’re spin offs and work really well for older readers! I struggle with PJO now I’m 20 even though I loved it as at 13!
    Also A Darker Shade of Magic 😍

  18. I didn’t like the Grisha Trilogy much, either. The story was mildly interesting, but not amazing, and the main characters annoyed me a ton. I did like the minor characters introduced later, though. Six of Crows is my favorite book and it’s amazing how much Bardugo has improved.
    I didn’t love Percy Jackson either, but I’m planning to eventually try it again because I feel like it’s one of those books you have to read.

    1. That’s is interesting that you liked the minor characters! I do have a feeling the later books in the Grisha trilogy are a bit better! I am definitely going to read Six of Crows! I feel the same way about Percy Jackson!

  19. I actually have a rule that I will not read a series until all the books have been released, which does have me behind the times a lot but I forget a lot of things so it doesn’t benefit me to wait around. The Millennium series is great but I have not read the others.

  20. The Lunar Chronicles! This series really gets better and better with each book and I know I’m not the only one thinking this way. I really hope you will manage to keep on going with it and that you will end up loving it, seriously, it’s so worth it. <3
    I haven't read Obsidio just yet, but I read both Illuminae and Gemina and DAMN what a crazy ride these were 😅😅 I hope you'll keep on going with this series as well!
    I need to finish the Legend series, too. Only read the first book so far, I kind of expected a bit more from it, I think, but I also heard it's getting better so, I can't wait 🙂
    Lovely post! 😀

  21. These are some of my favorite series of all time! You’ve got to finish them! And The Iron King is, I think, the weakest of the Iron Fey so maybe you’ll like the other ones more. And The Crown of Embers was, in my opinion, way better than The Girl of Fire and Thornes so hopefully, you continue and love it as much as I did. It’s honestly one of my favorite sequels ever. And I totally get it with the Millenium series. The length of those novels has been stopping me from continuing for a while now. And I’m totally in the same boat as you with Illuminae. I no longer have any excuses not to read Gemina!

    1. That is good to know about The Iron Fey series! I have not heard a lot of people talking about it so I wasn’t sure if it got any better. Ohh that makes me really excited about The Crown of Embers!! We need to read Gemina!!!

  22. My series to finish list is ridiculously long some of yours are on my list too, and a couple of yours are ones I would like to start haha. I keep making the problem worse that is my issue.

  23. I also need to finish The Lunar Chronicles and the Shades of Magic trilogy… and the Illuminae files 😅. I’m so worst at finishing series, but I’m trying my best!
    I have some of those trilogies on my TBR! I’ve heard really amazing things about Legend, so hopefully I’ll get to it soon-ish.

  24. I’m the same with series!! My college-sized budget (lol) means I buy books as I read them, so I rarely buy the whole series at one time and have obnoxious time gaps between when I read books. All of these series are on my list currently so let’s hope I’ll get to them soon!!

    1. I have never bought an entire series at the same time! What if I don’t like the first book? It would make it more likely that I would actually finish the series though! I hope we both enjoy these series when we get to them!

      1. I like that mindset!! There’s definitely pros and cons to buying the entire series—maybe when I win the lottery I’ll buy a boxed set 🙂

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