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CoffeeTable Books

I am a huge fan of coffee table books. I love to use them in my decorating, and it is always fun to flip through them. I am so nosy and love when I go to someone’s home for the first time and see that they have coffee table books! I think they can tell you a lot about a person. I have an obsessive amount of them and just wanted to share a few of the ones that I love with you all today!

Kate Spade Books

I adore Kate Spade, and her coffee table books are truly beautiful. They are each very unique, with gorgeous pictures, and some good information. Her latest book, She, is truly special as it celebrates woman. It is an inspiring book that I encourage everyone to have a look through.

Famous Faces

This coffee table book is so random, and completely hilarious! It is just photos of animals made to look like famous celebrities. It is a joy to look through and to try to figure out who the animals are supposed to be!

Related image
These are just two examples on the photos in the book!


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Barbie was a huge part of my childhood. I have a lot of memories that are centred around Barbie. I bonded with my friends while playing, I looked forward to receiving the Christmas Barbie from my Nana every year, etc. It just puts a smile on my face whenever I see this book in my collection!

Where’s Warhol?

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This book is obviously a spin on Where’s Waldo? I have always admired Andy Warhol’s work and thought that he was an interesting person. My parents gifted me book this for Christmas many years ago and it has been a great conversation piece ever since! I also have the Karl Lagerfeld version called Where’s Karl?

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Harry Potter Illustrated Editions

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Is this not an obvious answer? The Harry Potter Illustrated Editions make for the best coffee table books!

I’d Rather Be Reading

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If you are a book lover (which I assume you are since you are reading this blog!) then this is a book for you! It is just illustrations and pictures that all have to do with a love of reading.

This is my favourite page in the book!


I would love know if you enjoy coffee table books and which ones are your favourites! I have so many more where this came from so look out for more posts like this in the future!


25 thoughts on “Coffee Table Books I Love

  1. I like coffee table books too. I have a couple of the Harry Potter film books but the newest one would be Harry Potter: A History of Magic that tied in with the British Library exhibit. I also like the ones that tie into specific TV shows, so I have a couple for BBC’s Call the Midwife and one for Murdoch Mysteries. When I’m looking for them in shops and other places, I always go for the ones I can actually read and learn something from because a book that is just photographs – whilst of great quality – does nothing for me.

      1. Call the Midwife has been one of my favourite shows for the last few years now and I think I’m getting obsessed with it. I have both The Life and Times of Call the Midwife, and Dr Turner’s Casebook but the latter is my favourite one. Because Stephen McGann wrote it from the perspective of his character, it has that personal touch that I simply adore.

        And I agree with that. If I had a coffee book of paintings by Constable then I could just stare at them all day and not need any text because they are some of my all-time favourites. However, I got one based to Aardman a couple of years ago and I found it really disappointing and dull because there was no explanation or information to go with all the behind-the scenes concept art, which looked amazing.

      2. I love Dr Turner! That book sounds amazing. I definitely think I am going to pick it up!

        I totally see what you mean. It is nice to have some information and behind the scenes info to go along with the gorgeous pictures.

      3. I’m not usually one for self-promotion, especially in the comments, but I have a review of that book up on my blog if you are interested in taking a look. With the beginning of the new CTM series, I now feel like re-reading it and loving it all over again.

  2. Hmm what an interesting post! I never really thought about coffee table books in that way, but maybe I’ll start growing my collection. All I know is we have one on Germany, but it’s all in German and we don’t speak German, so it’s a bit hard to actually use. The pictures are beautiful though. Those Kate Spade ones are gorgeous!

  3. I don’t have any coffee table books but these are gorgeous! Harry Potter illustrated editions would definitely be a part of mine if I did have one! Barbie was a huge part of my childhood too so I’m glad to see that on your list.

  4. I LOOOOOVE Coffee Table books!!! I feel like they’re such an adult thing to have!!
    My current favorite is Obama: An Intimate Portrait, by Pete Souza. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS.

  5. this is so cool!!! i love humans of new york: stories (a coffee table book), and i have a jane austen one i’m saving for when i’ve read all her books 🙂

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