Me in Characters Book Tag

Me in Characters Book Tag

This tag is really fun and it was also difficult.  I struggled to come up with five characters who I related too, but pulled through in the end! Thank you so much to Emma @ A Dreamer’s Library for tagging me!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the creators of the tag
  2. Thank whoever tagged you!
  3. List 5 book characters who you are most like and explain why.
  4. Tag your friends!

Lara Jean (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before)

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There is so much about Lara Jean that I identify with.  Everything about her was pretty much me in high school. I was a little bit naive, a homebody, a baker, and fell for a football player.

Bridget Jones (The Bridget Jones’ Diary)

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I never thought that I would ever be able to relate to Bridget Jones but here I am in my late twenties and I totally get her. This buzzfeed article about sums it up perfectly! I am just sitting here waiting for my Colin Firth…

Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird)

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I always related to Scout and I can not really explain why.  I think part of it is the fact that I have looked up to my dad and he always has words of wisdom.  He may not be Atticus Finch (I mean who is?) but he comes pretty close. I also have a brother and our relationship is very similar to that between Scout and Jem.  We were constantly coming up with games and using our imaginations!

Matilda (Matilda)

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Fortunately my home life was nothing like Matilda’s growing up, but I definitely relate to her passion for reading.  Reading has always been an escape for me and it is rare for a day to go by where I do not read at least a few pages. I guess it doesn’t hurt that Matilda was one of my favourite movies as a kid.

Lena Kaligaris (The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants)

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I had a group of three girl friends and each of us identified with one of the girls from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.  For me, it was Lena.  I think we have similar temperaments.  She is more reserved and it takes her awhile to open up for someone. That is so me.


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32 thoughts on “Me in Characters Book Tag

  1. Oo thanks for tagging me, I’ve wanted to do this one! Wonderful characters, I especially love that you identify with Scout!

  2. Matilda is still one of my favourite childhood books and films. I love how it captures the joy of escaping into books when life around you is not that great. It’s why I loved books as a child and why I never go a day without reading something.

  3. This tag was so funny! I think I’ve seen a few posts about something like this but I’ve never paid much attention😅.
    I still have to read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, but I adored Mathilda when I was a child! Great tag😊.

  4. What an interesting book tag and a novel (oops, pun intended I guess) way to learn a bit more about you. A lot of classic, strong characters there!

      1. To Kill a Mockingbird was one of the few books I’ve ever really, reeeaaalllly struggled to put down while reading. And Matilda….well, the truth is that when I was a little boy, I looked shockingly like her, only without the long hair. Kinda embarrassing, but she’s so awesome that I didn’t mind too much. 🙂

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