WWW Wednesday (November 8th, 2017)

WWW Wednesday (1)

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words! All you have to do is answers the following three questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading-

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Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin– This book has been on my TBR for a long time now, and I enjoy reading WWII fiction, so this book has been recommended to me many times! I saw it at Chapters for only $6 and I was so happy! I am less than 100 pages in to it and it is completely different from what I was expecting but I am loving it!

Recently Finished-

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Warcross by Marie Lu– I really enjoyed this book! I can not believe that this is the first Marie Lu book that I have read.  I already bought Legend and I can not wait to read it! Warcross was so fun to read and also made me think! I have a lot of thoughts on this one so look out for a review soon!


You Bring the Distant Near– This book was a joy to read.  I think it is important to read about the experience of immigrants, and You Bring the Distant Near was eye-opening for me. I have not heard many people talk about this book and I think that is a shame! That being said, I much preferred the first half of the novel, but overall it was great!

Reading Next-


White Oleander by Janet Fitch– This book was very popular when it was first released but I truly do not know a lot about it.  My mom used to be in a book club and this was one of the books that she actually enjoyed.  We were talking about it recently, and then we went to Value Village and there is was!


Have you read any of these books? What did you think! I would love to know what you are currently reading as well! I would especially love to know if anyone has read White Oleander!


26 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (November 8th, 2017)

  1. Like you, I can’t believe I never read any of Marie Lu’s novels before Warcross.
    Although, unlike you, I still haven’t gotten my hands on any of her other books. Book buying ban, whooooo. *insert a whole lot of tears*
    As soon as that torturous ban is over, I’m buying all the Lu I can find, haha.

    Happy reading!

      1. The only way I’m keeping it up is because I’m bracing myself for the book boxes coming my way this month, haha. I wasn’t on a book buying ban when I ordered those soooo.. I might’ve taken advantage of that. :’D

  2. Glad you enjoyed Warcross by Marie Lu. I only just recently finished that one too!

    And I knew I heard your next book TBR somewhere … White Oleander by Janet Fitch is mentioned in the movie The Age of Adaline!! I am really sorry for fangirling right here but I loved that movie. And the guy gives that book to the girl saying he brought her ‘flowers’ 🙂

      1. The book was just mentioned in passing but I remembered because what kind of bookworm wouldn’t swoon with that statement?! Books as flowers indeed..
        It was a good movie definitely worth checking out. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you’re reading Wolf by Wolf, I really enjoyed it. I thought Graudin navigated the razor-thin line between adventure and the horrors of an Axis world order quite well. Let us know what was surprising about it when you post your review. And I’m looking forward to your Warcross review!

  4. I still have Wolf by Wolf on my TBR, but I loved Warcross. Sadly I tried to read Legend a couple different times and only made it a few chapters in; I don’t think it’s the book for me.

      1. I hear so many people rave about it, which is why I kept trying, but either I was in the wrong mind set both times or it just isn’t the book for me. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of The Young Elites though.

  5. Oh I’m so glad you loved Warcross so much – it was such a fantastic book! <3 I have read Legend as well and enjoyed it just a little less, but it was still quite a good and entertaining dystopian book. I hope you'll like it 🙂
    happy reading!! xx

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed Lu so much. I’m starting to be tempted by her books! Is Warcross part of a series or a stand alone? Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

  7. Wolf By Wolf has been on my TBR for months, I started it once and for whatever reason didn’t finish it. I don’t even know how that happened 😀 I really want to read Warcross by Marie Lu but I’m not supposed to buy books…my TBR pile is just too big…next year though…or maybe Santa will have mercy and get some books for me 😉

      1. They would, but my family is kind of old fashioned and hates to give gift cards or money for Christmas, so I always try to nudge them in the right direction. 🙂

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