Bookstagrammers I Love

BookstagrammersI Love

Do any of you love bookstagram as much as I do? I am terrible about posting pictures but I love admiring everyone else’s creativity and watching their Instagram stories! I thought it might be fun to share a few of my favourite bookstagrammers!

Cody @ my_bibliophilic_life

Cody not only takes beautiful pictures, but her Instagram stories are highly entertaining! She is the one person whose story I make sure to watch every night.  I love her personality and she reads a wide variety of books.  I always look forward to her tag tuesdays!

Katelyn @ thefearlessreader

Katelyn takes some of the most gorgeous pictures. She sets up very elaborate displays on her bed and I am constantly blown away by her creativity!  I also really enjoy watching her livestreams, where she gives us some behind the scenes in to how she sets up her pictures!

Dayle @ The Literary Llama

I am always so blown away by the creativity! Dayle uses a chalkboard as a backdrop for all of her pictures, and she draws her own designs! I can’t even explain how cool these pictures are- you have to go check it out for yourself! She also has a killer shoe collection!

Amber @ popforrest

I adore Pop figures and all of Amber’s pictures are so adorable! Her pictures are amazing quality and very creative. Seeing one of her pictures on my feed never fails to bring a smile to my face!


I have many more favourites that I am sure I will share in the future! I would love to know who your favourite bookstagrammers are! Do you have an account? Let me know! I would love to follow you!

This seems like a good time to plug my one bookagram account…


22 thoughts on “Bookstagrammers I Love

  1. Thank you as I’ve now added other bookstagrammers. I love taking book pictures and some bookstagrammers are just incredible. If you want to follow I go by @bewareofthereader.

  2. All of these accounts have such gorgeous pictures!! I just followed all of them, haha. I’ve had a bookstagram for ages, but have only recently started really using it. I’ve been having so much fun taking pictures though!! I just followed you, too 🙂

  3. I don’t really follow too many bookstagrammers, but I always admire how beautiful their pictures are! I’ve dabbled in the odd bookstagram picture, but I just don’t seem to have the eye for it. I’ll check these ones out 😀

  4. A few months ago when my blog started gaining a lot more views and followers, I started to slack in my Bookstagram posts. I really need to try and get back into posting somewhat regular photos. I’m danielle.thamasa over on Instagram.

    Some of my favorite bookstagrammers are rachaelrexds and libraryofravenclaw.

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