Posts I Loved in July!

Posts I LoveI read so many fantastic posts from other book bloggers in July that I felt compelled to share just of a few of them with all of you!  One of my favourite parts about blogging has been readings blog posts like these that really make me think or introduce me to books I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise.  I am so excited to spread the love!

Thrice Reads talks about To TBR or Not to TBR

They discuss the pros and cons of creating TBR lists.  This post was very relatable and accurately expresses the debate I have with myself over whether or not I want to start making monthly TBRs!

The Orangutan Librarian discusses the epic battle between Fanfiction vs. Plagiarism

This post point out the fine line between fanfiction and plagiarism and I believe that this is a very important to discussion that needs to be had!

Reading Through The Nights shares the tropes the will read over and over again

Swetlana talks about all of her favourite book tropes! I agreed with so many of her choices. I loved reading this post and it inspired me to write about my own favourites as well! I will be posting that soon!

Bionic Book Worm talks about the catch 22 of blogging

Shanah talks about some of the struggles that she has had with blogging but also all of the great things she has experience because of blogging as well! It could not be more relatable! I have not been blogging very long but I have experience a lot of what she points out!

You truly can not go wrong with following any of these blogs! I love all four of them! 

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18 thoughts on “Posts I Loved in July!

  1. Awe thanks for the mention. This is such a great idea to round up posts that you love! I was glad people understood what I was going through because I was afraid to put it all out there! 😂

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely shout out, Kristin! I’m happy to hear I was able to inspire you for one of your own posts – I love whenever that happens for me too! And now I’m off to read he other posts you mentioned!

  3. Ah, this is just an easy way down into the rabbit hole of not writing more blog posts myself. These are seriously interesting reads though – not like anything that comes up on my Reader page, so thank you!

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